Game Rules

  1. Any bug, exploit or security issue must be reported immediately.
  2. Do not create or use more than one account for any reason.
  3. Do not allow others to access your account (intentionally or through negligence).
  4. Do not avoid interaction blocks (e.g. proxy connections, transferring via another player).
  5. Do not play the game on two devices at the same time.
  6. Do not use automation to play or extract data from the game (e.g. scripts, auto clickers).
  7. Do not sell or attempt to sell your account or it's assets (e.g. credits) for real life currency.
  8. Do not post illegal, adult, racist or abusive content.
  9. Do not share or threaten to share personal information belonging to another player. For example home address, phone number, email, social media links or photos.
  10. Do not harass or repeatedly provoke other players.
  11. Do not spam or flood (e.g. in chat or messages).

In summary, don't cheat and please treat others the same as you would treat them in real life. If you break the game rules you risk being banned or having your character removed.

The game administrators have the final say and will try to handle all situations in the best interests of the entire game community. To contact an administrator please submit a help request or if you're unable to login you can email [email protected]

Remember, it's a privilege rather than a right to play Criminal Force!