Game Rules

  1. No spamming or flooding in chat, messages or the forums.
  2. No illegal, adult, racist, discriminative or excessively insulting messages, forum posts, profile content, avatars or usernames.
  3. No harassment or persistant provocation of other players.
  4. No scripts, macros, bots or similar computer programs may be used to automate game actions or extract data from game pages.
  5. No more than one account per person, you must not create or access multiple accounts for any reason.
  6. You must not allow any other person access your account, it is your responsibility to ensure that your account is safe from being accessed by others.
  7. You must report any bugs or exploits to the game administrators immediately.
  8. You must not sell or attempt to sell your account or its assets (e.g. credits) for real life currency.

The game administrators have the final say and will try to handle all situations in the best interests of the entire game community. To contact an administrator please submit a help request or if you're unable to login you can use the contact form.